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Space Weather Action Center

Space Weather Action Center

Downloadable Materials


With these Flip Charts your students will be able to analyze data and predict a solar storm with ease and accuracy by following the step by step instructions. Each Flip Chart contains introductory space weather information and tips on data analysis and website navigation!

Printable Flip Charts

Data Collection Sheets

Bring your journals to life with these 'easy to understand' Data Collection Sheets. Each sheet provides the necessary questions and refreshers on how to interpret necessary space weather data.

Data Collection Sheets

Educational Guides

Boy with clipboard keeping a Space Weather Journal
Instructional Guide V4

The Instructional Guide follows the 5E Learning Cycle. Included in the guide are Instructional Objectives, Standards Connections and Activities. Every activity has been carefully designed to follow the sequence of events that occur during typical Solar Storm and are therefore comprised of the following four main sections: Sunspot Regions, Storm Signals, Magnetosphere, Auroras.