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Problem Based Learning (PBL)

NASA mission scientists are working with our team of educators to provide a classroom series of PBL projects that incorporate NASA mission data! Each project will ensure that your students learn the science behind many of the latest discoveries from NASAs Sun-Earth Connection missions.

This will be an exciting and challenging project for students where they will have the chance to use real data, analyze that data and then presenting a solution to a given problem, This process is not that different from what a NASA science team experiences during a NASA mission.

What is Problem Based Learning (PBL)?

Problem-based Learning (PBL) is an instructional method that challenges students to identify how they learn. They work together cooperatively to seek solutions to real world problems by identifying:

  • What they already know
  • What they need to know

Problem-based Learning (PBL) prepares students to think critically and analytically, and to find and use appropriate learning resources.

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"NASA is returning to the Moon--not just robots, but people. In the decades ahead we can expect to see habitats, greenhouses and power stations up there. Astronauts will be out among the moondust and craters, exploring, prospecting, building."


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