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Sun-Earth Day 2010: Ancient Mysteries, Future Discoveries


Solar Storms Series

SOLAR STORMS, a talk with Astronomer Sten Odenwald

Part 1 in a series explaining how solar storms impact the Earth. This episode recounts disasters linked to solar storms.

SOLAR STORMS, the Hinode satellite, a conversation with astronomer Sten Odenwald

Part 2 in a series explaining how solar storms impact the Earth. This episode talks about the research being conducted on the Sun through the Hinode Satellite.

Solar Storms: The 1989 Blackout

Part 3 of a video series about the importance of Solar Sotrms. In this episode, Astronomer Sten Odenwald looks at one of the major blackouts due to space weather - the 1989 Blackout in Montreal and Quebec.

Solar Storms: Why We Care

Solar Storms impact our lives in ways we are not aware. This video compares past solar storms (like the one witnessed by Richard Carrington in 1858) in a way to make audiences aware of future problems for our technogical world. This edge video is MUST viewing as scientists and the public prepare for the next big storm in 2012. Filmed with NASA-Goddard astronomer, Sten Odenwald.


Gemini 12 witnessed a total solar eclipse in 1966 and the International Space Station, in 2006. The Hubble Space Telescope will be aimed at the moon to detect dips in brightness during the 2012 transit of Venus. The Solar Dynamic Observatory will capture the Sun during the 2012 transit in unprecedented detail.