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Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World

Sun-Earth Day 2008: Space Weather Around the World

The Sun-Earth Day Team would like to thank the Authors and Designers who have contributed to Sun-Earth Day to make it the wonderful resource it is today.

Sun Earth Day 2006: Technology Through Time


Odenwald, S. F. , 2005, "Galileo Galilei", "Ancient Babylon", "Ancient Greece", "Ptolemy", "First Sunspot Drawing", "First Corona Descriptions", "Coronal Mass Ejections", "George Ellery Hale", "Solar Spectroscopy", "First Sun Photo", "Gallery of Drawings", "The Sun in a Different Light", "Coronium", "Coronagraph", "The Magnetic Sun", "Solar Neutrinos", "The Heliosphere"


Web Architect: Bryan Stephenson
Graphic Designer: Troy Cline

Sun Earth Day 2005: Technology Through Time

Authors and Co-authors:

Craig, N., Odenwald, S.F., 2005, "RHESSI"

Hill, S., Odenwald ,S.F., 2004, "SOHO"

Jacob, B., Odenwald ,S.F., 2004, "ACE"

Mayo, L., Odenwald, S.F.,2005, "Newgrange", "Amateur Astronomers"

Odenwald ,S.F. ,2004, "Gotland Groves", "Big Bear Solar Observatory" , "El Karnak", "Kitt Peak", "Abu Simbel", "IMAGE", , "Mt. Wilson", "Newgrange", , "Polar", , "Nobeyama Solar Observatory", "Chaco Canyon", "Egyptian Stonehenge", "Hovenweep Castle", "Owens Valley Solar Array", "Brodgar", "Learmonth Solar Observatory", "TIMED", "Big Horn Medicine Wheel", "TRACE".

Odenwald, S.F., Carlson, J. 2004, "Angkor Wat", "Gaocheng", "Stonehenge" , "Easter Island", "Chichen Itza",

Odenwald, S. F., Dwivedi, V., 2004, "Jantar Mantar"

Odenwald, S.F., Hawkins ,I. ,2005, "Machu Pichu"


Web Architect: Bryan Stephenson
Graphic Designers: Lori Ann Persichitti and Troy Cline

Sun Earth Day 2004: Venus Transit (Article and Essay Pages)

Authors and Co-authors:

Mayo, L. ,2004, "The Story of the Transit of Venus"

Odenwald, S.F. ,2004, "John Philip Sousa", "In The News", "Art", "History", "Science", "Math", "Music and Literature", "Poetry", "Politics", "Newspapers"


Web Architect: Lori Ann Persichitti


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Space Weather Fact

The most powerful solar flare in the last 500 years occurred on September 2, 1859 and was sighted by two astronomers who happened to be looking at the sun at exactly the right time!

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