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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Eclipse, In a Different Light

Local Happenings: Central Plains Region



Lafayette Natural History Museum & Planetarium March 25, April 15, November 8

Saturday, March 25: Safe, public solar telescope viewing in Parc Sans Souci behind the Museum for International Sun-Earth Day. Cancelled in case of clouds. Free. All ages welcome.

Saturday, April 15: Safe, public solar telescope viewing at River Ranch for the River Run and Family Festival. Cancelled in case of clouds. Free. All ages welcome.

Wednesday, November 8th: Transit of Mercury - During the afternoon, Mercury will pass directly between Earth and the sun, visible as a dot seen in silhouette against the solar disk. Public solar telescopes will be set up in Parc Sans Souci behind the Museum throughout the event to allow safe viewing of this rare phenomenon that will not be seen again until 2016. Free. All welcome.


Sci-Port Discovery Center March 25

In honor of the phenomenal eclipse that will take place on Mar 29, Sci-Port is hosting activities centered on the sun. We will construct pinhole viewers, construct edible sundials, and make a spectroscope (if we have them by then). We will have guest speakers and local astronomers will bring their own telescopes with sun filters to allow the public to view the sun either through telescopes or the monitors.


A Teacher’s Classroom

We will be starting off with several days of studying the sun. We will watch a video and also use a CD ROM, the Dynamic Sun from NASA on our Smart Board. NASA has an Eclipse Home Page that I will be using for reference and we will use the computer lab to look at it and write a brief report about one of these topics:
  • How to safely view an eclipse
  • Why eclipses happen
  • What do you see when looking at an eclipse.
  • We will also be charting the path of the eclipse and watching video of it the next day.
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