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Sun-Earth Day Presents: Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Museum Outreach

These sun-earth connection activities and contacts are provided by informal educators for their colleagues. If you would like to invite a professional or an amateur astronomer to partner with you in your Sun-Earth Day program or you simply wish to share your ideas and activities with everyone, please feel free to send information to, or follow the links to the Amateur Astronomers and the Solar System Ambassadors.

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Astronomical Leagues Near You

The Astronomical League is composed of over two hundred and forty local amateur astronomical societies from all across the United States. There basic goal is to encourage an interest in astronomy (and especially amateur astronomy) throughout America whether it is through their local astronomical society, school, or their own instruments, and use them to view the beauty in the heavens. Use this site to contact nearby astronomical societies that are members of the Astronomical League!

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The Solar System Ambassadors

There are now 373 Ambassadors in 50 states and Puerto Rico bringing the excitement of space to the public. Ambassadors are space enthusiasts from various walks of life who are interested in providing greater service and inspiration to the community at large. Visit this site to arrange for a Solar System Ambassador event in your community.

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Build Your Own Pinhole Camera/Projector

There are safe ways to view the sun. The simplest requires only a long box (at least 6 feet long), a piece of aluminum foil, a pin, and a sheet of white paper.

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PASS: Planetarium Activities for Student Success

Designed for both experienced planetarium instructors and teachers using a planetarium for the first time, this series provides a wealth of ready-to-go ideas and practical suggestions for planning and presenting entertaining and educationally effective programs for students.

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