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Teacher Lesson Plans - Sunspot Twister

Teacher Lesson Plans - Solar Rubber Bands

Teacher Lesson Plans - "Electromagnetic Flash" Cards

Teacher Lesson Plan - Season Myths

Observing the Sun for Yourself (download PDF document)


HESSI Spacecraft Model (mission launches this summer)

Make your own sundial

Build your own pinhole camera/projector

Elementary School (K-5)

Northern Lights and Solar Sprites

Modeling the Sun

Middle School (6-9)

Solarscapes -- lessons about solar cycles, rotation, and dynamics

Seeing the Invisible -- lessons about the light of the Sun (PDF documents)

Solar Storms and You -- Math and science lessons

Solar Flip Book

Build a Spectroscope

High School (9-12)

Magnetic Field Activities for the High School Classroom

Measuring the Distance to the Sun

RadioJove -- build a radio experiment to study the Sun and Jupiter

Sunspots -- reader and activities

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