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red bar Paper Plate Education
Plot the movement of Venus across the sun akin to Jeremiah Horrock's plot in 1639

Explain the irregular period of transits with paper plates

Spacecraft Paper Models
RHESSI (launched in 2002 to study solar flare)

SOHO (launched in 1995 to observe the Sun)

TRACE (launched in 1998 to image the solar corona)

Solar Cookie
Learn about the Sun using cookies and candies
Designed by Jean Settle of the Solar system Educators Program
scintillatingsun3.pdf (1M)

Solar Eclipse - How can the little moon hide the giant Sun
(Written for classroom teachers but could be modified for a science center)
Explore size and distance
Shadows Day & nights

Solar Music
Listen to the Sun's Song - resonances that echoing inside the Sun
From Bottle Harmonica and Slinky Vibrations to the Sun's heartbeat


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