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Welcome to 'Ideas For Museums'. This section of our website has been specifically designed for the unique needs of museums wishing to participate in this year's Sun-Earth Day. Below you will see a brief description the menu items to the left including information on how to share your ideas and programs with other museums around the country.

Make and Take Activities
Learn by doing: it's all about the Sun, its impact on Earth, and ways of observation. These are short hands-on activities that an educator can work with visitors at a museum, a science center, or a community-based group. Designed by NASA staff and their affiliates, the activities are not copyrighted. Please feel free to download and duplicate them for educational purposes.

Outreach Activities Conducted in Museums
These sun-earth connection activities are provided by informal educators for their colleagues. If you have an activity that you would like to share with everyone, please send it to

DISCLAIMER: NASA Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum has provided a link to this site because it may be of interest to the public. NASA does not necessarily endorse the views, facts, products, processes, services, producers or providers presented on the site.

Outreach Programs Offered by/or to Museums
If you would like to recruit participants in a Sun-Earth Day program or you simply want to share ideas with everyone, please send information to

If you would like to invite a professional or an amateur astronomer to partner with you in your Sun-Earth Day program, please feel free to contact one of us, or follow the links to the Amateur Astronomers and the Solar System Ambassadors.

School Based Activities and Lesson Plans
If you hold training workshops for teachers, go into the classrooms, or interact with home schoolers, you may find these Sun-Earth Connection activities and lesson plans useful as curriculum supplementary materials.

This link will take you out of the Museums section of this site and to the Classroon Educators portion of the website.

Student Observation Network (S.O.N.)
The Student Observation Network (S.O.N.) is a combination of four on-line student programs each including grade appropriate classroom activities. Through this on-line mechanism students can become part of a national network of classrooms learning more about space weather, its effects, solar storms and how to predict auroral events. This program is perfect for museums conducting teacher-training programs, after school programs, weekend activities for students/teachers and those museums searching for K-12 educational lesson plans and activities.

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