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Sun Fun for Pre K and Kindergarten Students
It is never too soon to share real science with students as the pictures and description of the day with 3-4 and 5 year olds at Our Savior Lutheran School demonstrates.

Studying Our Scintillating Sun: Create an Edible Model of the Sun (1M)
Students will construct an edible model of the Sun denoting surface and interior feature.

Angles and Triangles- Finding the Degrees
This is a math activity that has students using triangularization in the simplest form to understand the distances from of planets in our solar system from Earth and the Sun.

Finding the Distances Between Planets
K-5 Students can use simple subtraction to see how far they are from each of the planets.

Students use data about the planets in our solar system to create graphs. This can be used with elementary and middle school students.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range
Students use data about the planets in our solar system to practice Mean, Median, Mode, Range. Use with elementary and middle school students.

Your Address In The Galaxy
Students discover how small we really are when they explore their location on the Milky Way Galaxy. Use with elelmentary and middle school students.

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