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Venus Transit Sites

"The Transit of Venus: Twice in a Lifetime".
Download PDF Document

2004 Venus Transit Predictions-
For detailed maps and transit times for hundreds of cities, visit

Paper Plate Education

Transit of Venus: June 8, 2004

Listen to "The Sun Song" by the Chromatics

Our solar System- Learn everything you wanted to know about Our Solar System.

Our Place in the Universe

Planet Quest- A Search for Another Earth System.

Library of Congress 'I Hear America Singing' Sousa March

Smithsonian Institution 'Chasing Venus' historical documents

IMAGE archive of newspaper articles from 1761 to 1882

Transits of Venus

Transit (definition in glossary)

History of Venus Transits

Venus Transit in June 2004

Other Hot Links

What Lies Beneath a Sunspot

Project Horizontal E-region Experiment (HEX)

Solar Week

Stanford Solar Center

Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum

Discovery Science Channel

Yohkoh Public Outreach Project

Solarmax IMAX Film

Live from the Sun

SolarMax 2000

Space Physics and Aeronomy at the American Geophysical Union

Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society

ISTP Puzzles and Games

Interesting Facts and Educational Materials about Sun-Earth Science

From Stargazers to Starships

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