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HESSI Spacecraft Model (mission launches this summer)

Make Your Own Sundial

Build Your Own Pinhole Camera/projector

TIMED Mobile and TIMED Model
After clicking on the "TIMED Mobile and TIMED Model", click on the "Activities" button and you will have the option of downloading the pdf for either "Mobile" or the "Model".

Seeing the Invisible -
lessons about the light of the Sun (PDF documents)
* Teacher Guide
* Student Workbook

Backgroung Reading on Sun-Earth Science

Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun

Mission to Geospace
A resource page for teachers and the news media, the site includes an extensive library of news articles and news releases about our science, plus an expansive image gallery.

The Great Magnet, the Earth
This web site tells the story of Dr. William Gilbert and his book, "De Magnete," or "On the Magnet." In 1600, Gilbert published this first great study of magnetism, the first rational explanation of the mysterious ability of the compass needle to point north and south. Gilbert declared that the Earth itself was magnetic, and the era of modern physics and astronomy was begun.

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