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Native American Connections

One of Sun-Earth Day's main goals is to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the Sun's connection to the Earth through images, cultural parallels and activities that Native Americans have used to share Sun-Earth science through several generations.

In the menu to the left you will find:

Native American Perspectives will provide you with a growing list articles focusing on Native American views of education, connections to Sun-Earth science and today's "hunt for knowledge".

Professional Biographies showcases Native American members of the NASA community who represent a variety of expertise and cultural backgrounds.

The Activities section will take you to growing list of classroom resources focusing on the Sun, seasonal change, and the aurora.

Lakota Parallels provides you with information that directly relates NASA Sun-Earth concepts to traditional Lakota knowledge handed down for generations through song, dance, ceremonies and traditional story telling.

The Suggested Links section will point you in the direction of several other websites containing cultural knowledge of Sun-Earth Science!

Be sure to browse through our Image Gallery filled with a growing list of images from around the Country that demonstrate the strong Native American connection to the Sun and Earth.

As this site expands we hope to include information from a variety of other cultures as well in a new section of our site called ˝Cross Cultural Connectionsţ Stay tuned!

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