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Photographs and Description
cnr img 1
All photos by Bryan Bates
Crack'n Rock Ruins at Wupatki National Monument.
cnr img 4 cnr img 3 cnr img 2
Photographs and Description
fajada img 3
Summer photo by Bryan Bates
Winter and equinox photo by Rolf Sinclair, former chief of Physics at NSF

Fajada Butte at Chaco Canyon National Historic Park. (Top to Bottom: winter solstice, summer solstice, equinox)

The equinox photo at Fajada Butte illustrates a spectacular sight in that the day before the autumnal equinox, no light is visible. Then on the date of the equinox, the alignment pictured here. Moreover, that light shaft continues to move across to the large spiral and becomes the left hand dagger of the winter solstice marker. The driving force is the altitude change of the Sun as one moves through the seasonal cycle. The left hand light dagger will disappear from the upper spiral on the day following the vernal equinox.

fajada img 2 fajada img 1
Photographs and Description
jackrabbit img 1
Photo by Alan Spielger
A solar calendar near Jackrabbit Ruins, outside of Homol'ovi State Park, AZ.
Photographs and Description
rarick img 1
Photo by Bryan Bates
Rarick Canyon, located along Palat'kwapi Trail.

Rarick Canyon is an equinox alignment associated with the Mamarau ceremony of the Hopi. It is a women's ceremony for health, goodness, and balance. These people probably lived in a community about 1 to 1 1/2 miles south of the site pictured.
Photographs and Description
Harney Peak
Photo 1:
Harney Peak - "Hinhan Kaga Paha" known as "Harney peak", Lakota school youth reach the top of Harney Peak 2001
Photo 2:
Youth hike trail to Harney Peak - Lakota Youth hike trail up Harney Peak "Spring Gathering" known as "Yate iwakicipi" or the "Welcoming Back the Thunders Ceremony" 2001
Youth at Harney Peak
Photographs and Description
Trail to Harney Peak
Photo 1:
Trail up Harney Peak - The walk to Harney Peak, following the sun's path on earth.
Photo 2:
Joseph Chasing Horse with Youth Harney Peak - Joseph Chasing Horse, Lakota gives away art supplies to Lakota Youth at Spring Gathering 2001, Harney peak.
Joe Chasing at Harney Peak
Photographs and Description
Black Hills
Scientific Visualization Studio
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 935
Greenbelt, MD 20717

View the gradually magnified images of the Black Hills from space. To view the full size image, click the thumbnail.

Black Hills Black Hills

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