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Co-director of Sun Earth Connection Education Forum

Dr. Isabel Hawkins (U.C. Berkeley)
Jim Thieman (Goddard Space Flight Center)

Website Content Manager / Producer

Troy Cline

Web Site Design + Development

Lori Ann Persechitti Lopez

Formal Education Coordination

Elaine Lewis – Lead
Ruth Paglierani

Informal Education Coordination

Sten Odenwald - Lead
Carolyn Ng

Forum Coordination

Karin Meyer

Senior Astronomer/Writer

Sten Odenwald - Lead

Planetary Scientist / Writer

Lou Mayo


Karin Hauck

Advisory Board

Dr. Fred Espenak
Dr. Mei-ching Fok
Dr. Bob Hoffman
Dr. Janet Luhmann
Dr. Thomas Moore
Dr. Jim Slavin
Dr. Richard Vondrak

Project Partners

Maryland Science Center
NASA Connect
Planet Quest

Special Thanks

Space Science Visualization Lab (SSVL)
Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio
Steele Hill - SOHO
Nathan James - SEC Education Resource Coordinator
Darlene Park - Outreach Coordinator
Igor Ruderman - Programmer Analyst - CSE@SSL
Don Robinson-Boonstra - Student Observation Network
Greg Schultz - Coordinator of Public Programs
Bryan Stephenson - Student Observation Network
Natalie Jaquith - Space Science Visualization Lab

Responsible NASA Official: Dr. James Thiemann
Web Manager/Curator: Troy Cline
Web Designer/Curator: Lori Ann Persichitti Lopez
Additional Credits

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